A new start-up Verisart mobile app will launch in the next few months to help artists and owners to verify the authenticity of art items. 

A Los Angeles-based startup, Verisart will use the blockchain to provide a decentralised online database of art and objects of value, which can be then used by artists, collectors, and sellers.  The project will allow users to track and verify the provenance of the physical items online and in real time. 

As the art world currently has to deal with intermediaries, a decentralised ledger coupled with anonymised network will be popular with art buyers and sellers. 

“As more art sales move online, there will be increasing demand for certificates of authenticity as well as the need to perform real-time verification of provenance. The blockchain allows potential buyers to verify the chain of title in a work without relying on any single node of verification,” Robert Norton, the founder of Verisart, said. 

Robert Norton was engaged in two other digital art projects before: Saatchi Art and Sedition Art. 

CoinFox wrote earlier about the MAK Vienna digital art project. Art dealers believe that the blockchain is the best solution for digital art. Digital artwork can be easily copied, complicating copyright issues. Only the blockchain, which allows to store all data related to the artwork, could protect it.


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