Chinese market crash and other factors caused another rally on bitcoin market. Bitcoin is above $300.

According to CoinDesk index, the price of bitcoin at 13:00 UTC was around $307. At Bitstamp brockers were ready to sell one bitcoin for $309 while at OKcoin the price of one BTC was around $307.

The trade volumes remain at low level, says bitcoinity org. The number of deals/second reflect  usual Sunday slowdown of the bitcoin market. The daily trading volume is 3 times smaller than the one on Wednesday.

Experts link the bitcoin price rally with the market crash in China, where Shanghai composite Index lost 30% of the price. 

In the beginning of July Greece debt crisis contributed to the growth of bitcoin. On 28 June, Syriza called a referendum on bailout conditions, and the next day bitcoin price rose to $266.

Bitcoin passed the $270 mark at 18:10 on Sunday, 5 July, and very quickly reached a peak of $273.5, according to Coindesk Price Index. After a short decline, this afternoon bitcoin price rose to $273.87.