After the Sunday rise bitcoin price fell back to $280. The decline began immediately after the Eurozone leaders stroke a deal on the Greece bailout.

 According to CoinDesk bitcoin price index, digital currency is down by 5% to $291. At 06:00 UTC today, the digital currency cost around $305. On BTC-e bitcoin performed worse than on all other exchanges and amounted to $293.

At about 07:00 UTC, representatives of the Eurozone countries finished the difficult talks with the Greek government and came to a painful compromise with Alexis Tsipras. This caused a sudden fall in the digital currency price. At 07:50, bitcoin was down to $286.

At the beginning of July, Greece debt crisis and Chinese market crash contributed to the growth of bitcoin. On 28 June, Syriza called a referendum on bailout conditions, and the next day bitcoin price rose to $266.

Bitcoin passed the $270 mark at 18:10 on Sunday, 5 July, and very quickly reached a peak of $273.5, according to Coindesk Price Index. After a short decline, this afternoon bitcoin price rose to $273.8.

Last week, the Shanghai Composite Index went down by 30%. Chinese brokers began to buy bitcoin. This caused the Sunday rise when the price of bitcoin advanced to $314.

Today Tzipras reached a compromise with Eurozone and Shanghai Composite closed up 2.4% at 3,970.39, rebounding nearly 20%. As a result, the price of bitcoin fell back, reminding all the players that the digital currency is still volatile.