ShapeShift Exchange decided to incorporate Ethereum’s digital currency Ether into their system. 

The company announced the decision in a blog post

“Many of you out there are probably elated by our addition of Ethereum. Our support line, email and social media channels were flooded with requests to get it on the exchange and we heard you loud and clear. We say to all of you, victory is yours. Please welcome the much anticipated Ether to the ShapeShift exchange!” 

ShapeShift is a digital currency exchange founded in 2014. It allows customers to exchange digital currency without an account or a sign up process. The company is registered in Switzerland. This summer it decided to cease its ooeration in New Yorks after the finalisation of BitLicense. 

ShapeShift decided to integrate Ethereum three weeks after the launch of Ethereum platform for smart contracts. This platform works with sidechains. Ethereum also allows users to build their own cryptocurrency tokens with a coin API. 

Users of the new platform can pay the company with the new cryptocurrency called Ether (ETH). Ether is an internal network currency that can be used to pay for platform utilisation as well as to reward contributors for their services (e.g. for turning their computer into a mining computational node or volunteering to validate transactions). Those who wish to mine ETH, which is similar to bitcoin mining, need to download the Ethereum genesis block with all the transactions from the ETH crowdsale, that happened last August.


Roman Korizky