The creator of smart contracts, Nick Szabo does not support the possible increase of the standard blockchain data block. Without admitting it openly, Szabo illustrates his opinion with short mottoes and retweets from Jon Matonis and Peter Todd.

On 19 August, Nick Szabo posted a picture of Space Shuttle Challenger disaster:

With this picture, the “father of smart contracts” warned the Bitcoin Core developers about the potential risks.

Today, Szabo retweeted opinions of other community members who warned against the speedy increase of the block size. One of them is a founding member of Bitcoin Foundation Jon Matonis.

“People, block size increases are not "free". By admiring the new increased throughput, we've glossed over fact that it extends a subsidy,” wrote Matonis this morning.

This spring, the key Bitcoin Core developer Gavin Andresen started to work on changing the bitcoin block size to 8MB. The new block size will be introduced in 2016. And from 2016 onwards, the size is expected to double every two years.

The new size of the block caused lengthy discussions on Reddit. Some people are worried that the new block size will delegate more power to bitcoin mining firms and will affect transaction privacy in a bad way.

With his tweets and retweets Nick Szabo joined the group of bitcoin entrepreneurs and experts who doubt the need to increase the block size in the coming months. Meanwhile, Bitcoin Core developers are trying to win the bitcoin community over. On 18 August, a Bitcoin Core developer Gregory Maxwell argued that the new versions of Bitcoin Core will provide extra security for anonymous transactions.


Roman Korizky