The Japanese prosecutors have charged Mark Karpeles, the former CEO of one of the leading bitcoin exchanges, with embezzlement on Friday, 11 September, CNN reports.

Arrested in August by the Japanese authorities, the 30-year old entrepreneur allegedly created about $1 million worth of fake bitcoins and misused clients’ deposits.

On Friday, Karpeles remained in custody, but according to CoinDesk, he had a right to petition the court for release before the official day of trial.

As Coinfox reported earlier, 24,704 creditors have made claims against Mt. Gox exceeding ¥2.66 trillion or around $22 billion. In comparison, the market cap for bitcoin by the end of August was abound $3.5 billion. But the victims of Mt.Gox collapse don’t have a realistic chance to receive their money back. In August, Tokyo District Court made a statement, according to which bitcoin is not "a subject to ownership", and so Mt.Gox victims can not sue for a compensation.


Daria Petushkova