Vancouver-based bitcoin payment processing firm PSP Payfirma has announced the launch of bitcoin API which will allow businesses to accept bitcoin for payments.

The API is now available in Beta version and can be used through direct connection with users' Payfirma accounts. Purchases are automatically converted into US dollars or Canadian dollars at a verified exchange rate. The Beta program allows users to test-drive the software and provide feedback.

Payfirma partnered with BitPay in 2015 to make it easier for companies to implement bitcoin payment method directly through their PSP without a separate solution. Payfirma integrated BitPay's API into its platform of payment services used by local trade companies and professional services, as well as global online retailers, national publishers, non-profits and large enterprises across North America.

“Today’s consumers are adopting new payment technologies, like Bitcoin, at a rapid pace,” says Payfirma CEO, Michael Gokturk. “We’re always iterating and innovating at Payfirma."

Payfirma was found in 2011 and since then has been offering companies a cloud platform that helps to accept credit card payments online, in-store and via mobile devices with a single merchant account. The company believes in the potential of bitcoin and blockchain.

“To date, the blockchain’s most prolific use is associated with cryptocurrency, as the technology that underpins bitcoin; however, it is also instigating a discussion on innovation in other spaces,” the corporate blog reads.


Sonya Belova