The Ukrainian city of Lviv will become the second town to host Blockchain Incredible Party conference, which brings together leading researchers, developers, regulators and bitcoin community members.

The conference sponsored by the Distributed lab will take place 11-13 January, 2016. The agenda is still being discussed, but the list of participants is partly announced. It includes speakers from Cubits, Cointegraph, Kuna Bitcoin Agency, AdaptiveSky, CEX.IO, Kraken, Tembusu Systems, Bitalo AG, KOINA AG,, as well as members of the Board of National Depository of Ukraine and Innovations and Development Foundation.

According to the feedback provided on BIP001 official page, the previous event succeeded to combine the atmosphere of a party with that of a “hardcore tech conference.” It also helped the participants from all over the world to better perceive the role of the Ukrainian blockchain community:

“Attending the international conference #BIP001 — Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (turned #Blockchain Incredible Party) we learned that Ukraine is the de facto cryptocurrency hub of Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union countries. It has the largest #Bitcoin community in the region and the most locations where bitcoin can be bought per capita in the world. 40% of all transactions are performed via Bitcoin trading platforms that have Ukrainian roots, and 15% of all mining profits are collected by Ukrainians who are using their computing resources on Bitcoin,” writes Arne Daae Hopland.

This year has already seen Ukrainians campaigning on Instagram for bitcoin adoption, Kyiv hosting a bitcoin conference, and Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine joining its efforts with Innovecs to revitalise the country's financial system.

Maria Rudina


# Michael 2015-12-06 07:00
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