The CEX.IO cryptocurrency exchange, previously known as a prominent mining pool, now offers mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Designed to help their users adapt “to the ever-changing Bitcoin market, regardless of their location,” the CEX.IO apps offer mobile trading opportunities. Moreover, users can monitor market conditions and exchange rate movements.  

Users can now place limit and market orders—which, in turn, can easily be checked or cancelled at any time—via their mobile devices. Any device can connect to the user’s account via QR code and requires a separate key. If a device is lost, the key can easily be deactivated by the user.

CEX.IO stopped operating as a mining pool due to the fall of the price of the digital currency back in January 2015. Currently, the company sees bitcoin’s volatility as one of the key features making bitcoin attractive for traders and, therefore, it promises high profits to its clients.

October 2015 saw CEX.IO partnering with the TradingView platform in order to provide its users with access to tools and charts for the development of trading strategies and forecasts.


Maria Rudina