A bitcoin company, RockItCoin, has recently installed 4 additional bitcoin ATMs in the Chicago area. The total number of bitcoin ATM machines in the area has now reached 24 according to Coin ATM Radar.

 In a recent survey, CoinFox reported on the growing number of bitcoin-selling machines and their uneven distribution, with 86% located in North America and Europe. It has been noted that only a fraction of bitcoin ATMs listed by Coin ATM Radar are really functioning. Thus, the numbers of bitcoin ATMs worldwide should be taken with a grain of salt.

One of the new RockItCoin ATMs has been installed at the Food N Fuel petrol station in Frankfort, IL and is open 24/7. It allows one-way transactions only, buying bitcoin with fiat. Another RockItCoin bitcoin machine with the same characteristics opened at Lenny's Gas N Go, a location in Kankakee, IL. The other two are installed in Flanagan's Bar and Grill in North Chicago and in Sherry's Food Mart in Chicago, IL. They work according to the opening hours of the respective locations.

The bitcoin-buying fee on the three machines is indicated to be 12.6% and is to be calculated according to the BitcoinAverage Price Index. The exchange rate feed is taken from the bitcoin exchange expresscoin.  Notably, RockItCoin's website is not helpful in finding out more about the new bitcoin ATMs. What it features is limited to their rocket logo with a starry space background and the promising slogan “Taking off soon.”

Sonya Belova