The online notary service Uproov, the first to offer mobile proof on blockchain for photos, videos & audio recordings, will be available on Android from 15 January.

The smartphone application is developed by Australia's Ledger Assets Pty Ltd on a blockchain ledger with the aim to enable authentication of owners’ rights for digital content and improve the way it is traded and verified. The content is authenticated through time stamping and geolocation verification in real time. Once a file is Uproov’ed by the app, a unique transaction key is generated and is sent to the owner via email. In December 2015 Uproov already launched its mobile application on the iTunes App Store.

As John Bulich, co-founder of Ledger Assets, explains in his comment to IBTimes: 

"Uproov uses dynamic client side encryption and the Blockchain protocol to secure data packets into the Blockchain, reflecting the genuine image, audio or video data. This means those submitted images cannot be altered, not even by one pixel, nor can any part of the file, image, video or audio be removed. Alteration of any of those aspects will cause the encryption key to no longer match what was entered into the Blockchain."

In addition to images, live videos and audio files recorded with a smartphone, pre-existing files taken from cloud services such as iCloud, Dropbox and others can also be Uproov'ed and accessed.


Anna Lavinskaya