Pay-Me, a Moscow-based mobile payments platform with over 30,000 installed devices, is trying a bitcoin blockchain-powered notarisation tool to facilitate its customers’ onboarding.

Given the increased activity of Russian cyber criminals, Pay-Me decided to introduce additional security measures by asking new customers to visit the company’s office for an interview with a customer service representative before being shipped a point-of-sale (PoS) device. However, in order to simplify the process for its clients, Pay-Me proposes video interviews via a Block Notary mobile application, says a blog post from Tierion.

Tierion, the start-up providing backend for the process, issues timestamp record of the data collected – the customer’s statement of intentions and background check information – and places it on the bitcoin blockchain, thus providing a verifiable record for onboarding process. Besides, the process conducted online enables Pay-Me to ship a PoS product before a background check is completed.

Pay-Me CEO, Vladimir Kanin, explains: “Recording a video of yourself during the registration process helps prevent fraud. As CEO, I’d like to make it as difficult as possible for criminals to use Pay-Me to conduct illegal activities.”

Tierion’s Founder and CEO Wayne Vaughn gives positive feedback on the partnership with Block Notary: “We’re thrilled that Block Notary chose to build their new product using Tierion. The company is exploring other applications for this technology including tenant background checks, purchasing firearms, and insurance claims submissions.”


Anna Lavinskaya