Kimchi Socks issue a new design – bitcoin socks – to promote the cryptocurrency around the world. When pre-ordering, bitcoin will be accepted as a payment method.

The socks have been created by Jason V. Holmes, Founder and Owner of Kimchi Socks LLC. The first samples are already back from the manufacture. The bitcoin socks come in orange, the traditional colour of the bitcoin logo, and have black or white background with the logos of bitcoin in circles all around. The black design is ready, while the white background version still needs some additional changes. The final product will be available in sizes up to US 13.

When asked about the idea behind the design, Jason said that it would support bitcoin and help it grow and overcome negativity which is currently on its way.

“The Bitcoin Community is doing something right. Therefore, Kimchi Socks’ Bitcoin socks will be a way for supporters of the community to represent the coming of a new age,” he added.

The creator believes that a pair of bitcoin socks can be a good and original gift for colleagues and people from a professional network. The shop organises delivery to the gift recipient.

“Kimchi Socks is set out to become the leading gifting service for people who are digital nomads, military, professionals, or just people who aren’t geographically located near someone they want to build or maintain a business relationship with,” the announcement on the website claims.

The product has not been released and pre-orders have not started yet but the Bitcoin Socks website already has a special offer for those who join the mailing list. With a discount code they will be able to purchase two pairs of socks at a lower price.

Kimchi Socks was founded in August 2015 and this is the first design of the company in 2016. The shop accepts bitcoins for payment.
There are already bitcoin T-shirts, hats, mugs and ties out there. With the socks in place, only branded trousers and underwear are left to complete the costume.

Sonya Belova