Ukrainian and US-based blockchain firms signed memorandum to develop e-Vox, an electronic voting system. Creators claim the distributed ledger technology will prevent fraud and make elections more transparent.

The prototype contract for the system based on Ethereum network was developed by Ambisafe, a San Francisco-based blockchain company founded in 2015 by Ukraine natives Andrey Zamovskiy and Anton Tovstonozhenko.

According to the developers, e-Vox can be applied to all types of voting, from intra-corporate polling and electronic petitions to political referendums and council and parliament elections. Creators of e-Vox believe implementation of the distributed ledger technology will make possible voting without moderators, administrators or any other intermediaries.

“Essentially: blockchain eliminates hacking and fraud. It's like if million persons voted by raising their hands simultaneously, and it could be captured and counted in real time,” says the official website of e-Vox.

The joint declaration states that main objectives of the system are “to provide reliable electronic instrument for people to develop democracy,” “to nullify or minimize the impact of any third party in the process of voting and decision making” and to develop “open source software under the MIT License.”

Memorandum was endorsed with the signatures of representatives of Ambisafe, Distributed Lab, Kitsoft, Center of Innovations and Development, Titanovo, Vareger Group, Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine, Foundation for Innovation and Development. Alexey Konashevich (e-democracy reform group) and David Kiziria (Head of Strategic Development at Innovative Systems Institute) became coordinators of the project.

The initiative group may be joined by anyone: partnership is open for any cooperation with developers, investors, donators or other contributors and users of e-Vox, states the memorandum.

“You do not have to be a developer or an expert in e-democracy. You just need to share our mission.”

Earlier, the head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Boris Lozhkin reported that Georgian experts working with Ukrainian government offered to create a governmental database designed on decentralised ledger.

Platonova Elena