The crypto economics educational programme will last from 1 to 4 August 2016, in the Russian city of Perm. Students and young specialists are welcome to come and learn more about the world of digital assets.

The Perm Summer School on Blockchain & CryptoEconomics is organised by the Laboratory for Cryptoeconomics and Blockchain Systems at the Faculty of Economics of Perm State University (PSU).

At the school’s seminars, participants will be able to discuss use cases of cryptocurrencies and, more generally, the blockchain technology, as well as analyse the mechanisms of price formation in digital currency systems.

Speakers include the head of the Laboratory for Cryptoeconomics and Blockchain Systems Sergey Ivliev, Lykke CTO and co-founder Mikhail Nikulin and professor at Moscow State University and Higher School of Economics Dean Fantazzini. 

“The participants of the school will receive the knowledge that is currently impossible to find on the Internet, let alone textbooks!” says Ivliev.

The school will be mainly focused on bitcoin economic modelling, the expert told CoinFox. 

“Three days are enough for an introduction to the topic. After that, those who are interested will carry on studying on their own.”

To take part in the event, a good knowledge of English is required because this will be the language of the School’s seminars and discussions.

The school will take place at the PSU education and scientific camp Preduralye situated on the bank of the Sylva river. “Learn cryptoeconomics, enjoy the nature!” reads the program’s website. 

The participation fee is 3,000 rubles. That includes accommodation, catering, as well as excursions and hiking trips. Registration is open until 22 July. The event is supposed to host 30 – 35 participants.

The Laboratory for Cryptoeconomics and Blockchain Systems was launched at PSU in April 2016. PSU has become the first university in Russia to create a cryptocurrency research lab.


Elena Platonova