The blockchain-based publishing platform has completed the first stage of integration of bitcoin payments into the platform. The first transaction in bitcoin testnet has been carried out successfully.

The announcement was made by the network’s lead developer Ryan X. Charles on his twitter.

Yours is a social network allowing content providers such as artists, memers, writers or photographers earn money from their content. The in-browser application has an embedded bitcoin wallet.

“We hope to be one of the first consumer facing applications that truly showcases the advantages of micro-payments at scale,” the network creators say.

Micropayments integration is an important step in the platform’s development that brings closer its full-scale launch, much-awaited by the bitcoin community.

Earlier, Ryan X. Charles shared the details of Yours’ creation in an interview with Epicenter Bitcoin. According to him, the application uses JavaScript in order to be more compliant, responsive and convenient for users.

Daria Levina