An indie film called “The Pitts Family Circus” is a horror comedy, “a circus fairy-tale, with acrobats, clowns, priest, devils, kids and cannibals,” as the creators describe it.

The shooting will take place in Australia and Swiss Alps; the film features a real circus family from Australia.

The movie producers have cut the budget into 666 shares, which are sold at 10 ETH each ($115 at the time of writing), thus making the total value over $76,500. The shares may be purchased via a digital wallet, bank card or PayPal. The movie creators promise to pay out 50 percent of their yearly profit to the investors. The Merkle sees the campaign as a “nod of approval for the Ethereum ecosystem.”

The production of “The Pitts Family Circus” will start in early 2017 to be presented at film festivals the next year. After that, the movie will be shown worldwide. Among the partners of the project is Scenic Swisscoast GmbH – a company engaged in website construction, games and the blockchain technology.

Lyudmila Brus


The Pitts Family Circus from Little Story - Kell Stoner on Vimeo.