The popular blockchain social network Steemit has officially announced its first public gathering to take place 11-13 November in the Dutch capital. A newly-launched fest website gives a glimpse at the event.

The SteemFest is expected to bring together “a great mix of diverse thinkers, technophiles, libertarians, crypto enthusiasts and creative people in general.” It features a one-day conference including presentations, workshops and panel discussions covering a variety of themes and activities represented on In addition to that, the programme offers boat and walking tours around the city (including the notorious Red Light District), dinners and parties at Amsterdam’s Volkshotel.

Although the conference schedule is only partly set, it is promised to be “as diverse as Steemit’s frontpage.” Among confirmed speakers and performers are Steemit CEO Ned Scott, a travel blogger @heiditravels, singer and songwriter Tatiana Moroz, writer and poet Eric Vance Walton and other notable steemians.

The thought of the SteemFest was first conceived by Dutch developer, Internet entrepreneur and a devoted steemian Roeland Landegent.

“This idea of a global "conference" to enable steemians to meetup kept 'bugging' me and I started talking to some people from the community on how they would feel about this... Overall the response was: "Great! when can i book my flight?" So i knew I hit somewhat of a "want" here...”

Finally, he shared the concept with Steemit CEO Ned Scott whose response was “very enthusiastic.”

The tickets are available on for 144 Steem dollars (about 125 USD). Alternatively, they can be purchased with bitcoins or using traditional online payment methods. In addition to the access to the full list of festival activities, the tickets offer complimentary 1,000 SteemPower tokens credited to every guest’s account.

Svetlana Nosova