The first multi-coin automatic exchange point in Russia’s second-largest city is operated by the UK-registered cryptoexchange Bitlish.

The new ATM is located in a busy downtown area of St Petersburg’s Vasilievsky Island. The current exchange rate is 0.01435 BTC to 1,000 rubles. In addition to bitcoin, the ATM sells ether, litecoin and Zcash.

The growth rate of bitcoin ATM number accelerated last year having reached 3 units a day. The total amount of machines almost doubled from 552 to 1,033 since 1 March 2016, according to Coin ATM Radar.

More than two-thirds of them (746) support buy operations, while about one-third (298) offer sell operations. The average buy fee for a bitcoin ATM is close to 10%, while the average sell fee stands at 5.44%.

Almost 65% of all machines are located in the United States. Canada has the second largest number of bitcoin ATMs, while the UK occupies the third place.

The majority of bitcoin ATMs are produced by the US-based manufacturer Genesis Coin. It accounts for a 45.4% world market share. The second comes Lamassu, another US-based manufacturer with an 18.97% market share. General Bytes, a Czech bitcoin ATM producer, is the third most popular manufacturer with a 16.17% market share.

The price of a bitcoin ATM ranges between $1,700 and $9,000 depending on the specifications.

Elena Platonova

Images: CoinFox