Bitcoin Gold's hard fork was been activated on 24 October at approximately 01.22 UTC.

As it was planned, it happened on block #491407. The exchange rate of the new token on the Yobit currency exchange fluctuates around 0.0719 BTC with the maximum increase to 0.196 BTC.

Meanwhile, the original bitcoin price has declined. It fell by 8.6% to $5,491.99.

The Bitcoin Gold network will be launched on 1 November. On 23 October, developers published a roadmap of the further development of the project. In particular, they mentioned plans to add the SIGHASH_FORK_ID algorithm, which will have to protect against replay transactions, and this will happen before the network starts. The lack of such a mechanism became one of the reasons why many exchanges refused to support Bitcoin Gold. In addition, it is planned to add the technology of cross-platform atomic swaps, which allow direct transactions between different networks.

The next bitcoin hard fork is SegWit2x (B2X), which is scheduled to happen in mid-November, the exact date is still unknown.

On 13 November, the hard fork will take place in the Bitcoin Cash network, according to the information given by the project developer Juan Garavaglia to Bitsonline. According to him, the hard fork is aimed at updating the protocol, and will not lead to the appearance of a new coin.