According to Coinmarketcap, the rate of the token of the new bitcoin chain has fallen to $156, that is 61% lower than 24 hours ago. The Bitcoin Gold team is trying to find a developer to write a code for replay protection.

The main trading platforms for the new token are Bitfinex with the total trading share of BTG of more than 65%, HitBTC (almost 20%). The shares of Binance and YoBit in world BTG trading are 7% and 6%, respectively.

The highest rate of Bitcoin Gold in pair with the fiat currency is demonstrated on the Yobit exchange. There, in pair with the Russian ruble, the price of the token reaches $250, and in pair with US dollars, it fluctuates around $240. It is worth mentioning, that YoBit was the first crypto-exchange to start trading the new token a day before the hard fork activation. YoBit temporarily prohibited its customers to deposit and withdraw bitcoins and credited them with Bitcoin Gold tokens in accordance with the number of bitcoins on their deposits.

Curiously, Coinmarketcap does not indicate the capitalization of the new bitcoin chain, since the number of tokens issued is unknown. We remind that the Bitcoin Gold team told that they will perform pre-mine of 8,000 units (100,000 BTG tokens), which in future will be used to develop the community and the Bitcoin Gold protocol.

The main technical drawback of the new blockchain is the lack of replay protection. Due to this, many services, including the Poloniex exchange, the Jaxx wallet and other popular bitcoin platforms, refused to support the new altcoin.

The Bitcoin Gold team are trying to include replay protection in its protocol and is seeking a developer to write this code. Such an announcement was published on Github by one of the Bitcoin Gold organizers Martin Kuvandzhiev.

The announcement offers 250 BTG for code development and a bonus of 50 BTG if the code is ready by 25 October. Kuvandzhiev clarifies that the funds for developing the code will be taken from the previously mined 0.476% of coins.

Such a public search for developers to write an important code has met critics from the bitcoin community. On Reddit, some of the bitcoin enthusiasts note that this announcement demonstrates how low is the professional expertise of the organizers of the Bitcoin Gold project.