Pavel Durov named another fraudulent website that tried to claim its connection with the Telegram messenger. He called a "scam."

One of the Twitter users asked Durov whether the site is connected to the Telegram project. Durov unequivocally replied that it was fraudulent.

Earlier, users also expressed suspicions that Gramtoken is a scam and is not connected to Telegram and its initial coin offering. They mentioned that it was registered on 1 January. Additionally, users pointed that it was registered with Namecheap registrar and uses the Cloudfare service, while Telegram is registered on GoDaddy and uses GoDaddy’s SSL certification service.

The Gramtoken site appears unavailable at the moment, but, according to its copy saved in the cache, it was selling Gram tokens at $0.8 and managed to collect more than $4 million, selling more than 5 million Grams.

Fraudulent sites allegedly associated with the ICO of Telegram began to appear in December 2017, after the former Durov's colleague Anton Rosenberg said that Durov was planning to create a Telegram-based blockchain platform and attract financing via ICO in order to monetize the messenger. The list of confirmed fake sites also includes and

Still, Telegram's possible ICO remains questionable. Durov neither confirmed nor dismissed rumors that he is planning to attract financing via crowdsale. Some rumors site, that he intends to collect via ICO $3-$5 billion, making Telegram ICO the largest token crowdsale in history.