The first cryptocurrency was developed by cryptographers of American intelligence agencies, as well as smartphones, which are aimed to act as a surveillance device. And all this threatens the digital sovereignty of Russia, Kaspersky Lab cofounder claims.

While crypto-anarchist believes that bitcoin was created as a response to the financial crisis of 2008, Natalya Kaspersky, the director of InfoWatch and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab, claims to know who stands behind the first decentralized currency. And it is not Satoshi Nakamoto, as someone could suppose.

“Bitcoin was developed by American intelligence services with the aim of quickly financing the intelligence services of the United States, Britain, and Canada in various countries. Privatized, like the Internet, GPS, TOR. In fact, it is the dollar 2.0. The control of the exchange rate is in the hands of the owners of exchanges,” she said during the opening of the InfoWatch Training Center in St. Petersburg, which is the beloved city of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Natalya Kasperskaya dedicated her speech to digital security threats and the need for Russia's digital sovereignty. In order to ensure such sovereignty Russia needs to create its own hardware and software platforms, Internet infrastructure, payment systems, as well as a cryptocurrency, Kaspersky said.

Also, she said that Russia has also recently faced two wars, one of them in media while the other being initiated by intelligence services in the cybersecurity field.

According to her, all data from emails, instant messengers, and online stores are received by US intelligence services, and smartphones “collect any information about their users that they can reach.”