South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb reported a successful attempt to reduce its losses from the recent hacker attack, which resulted in approximately $31 million in cryptocurrencies stolen.

Thanks to cooperation with other trading platforms that agreed to help return the stolen funds, Bithumb managed to return some of stolen cryptocurrencies and reduced its losses from 35 billion won to 19 billion won ($17 million).

The company also clarified for the first time the exact amount of stolen crypto assets: 2,016 BTC ($12 million at the time of the attack), 2,219 ETH ($950,000), 692 Bitcoin Cash ($487,000), 5.2 million Ripple ($2.4 million). There were also OmiseGo, Aelf, Golem and Kyber Network among the stolen coins.

Bithumb added that the internal investigation of the incident and the elimination of its consequences have not yet been completed, so deposits and withdrawls remain halted.

Bithumb announced also a reward period for those customers "who believe in Bithumb and wait for normalization of its services". The exchange offers fee-free trading starting from 20 June and air drops equivalent of 10% of coins held.

Hacker attack on Bithumb was carried out on 20 June. Cybercriminals managed to steal 35 billion won ($31 million) in cryptocurrencies. Crypto-exchange promised to compensate users' losses from its own funds. The fund of the company has 500 billion won ($450 million).