The excitement around cryptocurrencies and their mining has declined, and the fall of the cryptocurrency market has further diminished the ardor of those wishing to catch fire of mining.

The largest manufacturers and suppliers of graphic cards are planning to reduce prices for their products due to the decrease in demand from miners. Sales are showing decline, and vendors are trying to sell off graphic cards, stored in inventories, reducing prices for them, DigiTimes reports citing sources from the upstream supply chain.

On average, graphic cards will fall in price by 20%. The market has not sold several million Nvidia graphic cards, and in the near future it is planned to release another million devices. Moreover, Nvidia decided to postpone release of the next generation of GPUs operating on 12 nm and 7 nm chips from the Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer TSMC for the fourth quarter.

Bad sales affect ASIC manufacturers and components to them as well, including TSMC. Not only small miners refuse to buy new equipment, but large mining enterprises also cut heir procurements of new machines.

Last week, Gigabyte Technology, manufacturer of graphic cards, announced the expected drop in GPUs shipments in the II quarter by 20% and a decrease in the average price for them by 10%. If the I quarter saw about 1.2 million graphic cards delivered from Gigabyte, then deliveries in the II quarter decreased to 1 million devices.