A London-based cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform, Bit-x has recently introduced Bitcoin Debit Card. The company announced the launch of the new product on the corporate blog:

 “BIT-X is proud to announce the official release of its Bitcoin Debit Card™, the community's first true Crypto debit card, issued and processed by BIT-X's bank partner.”

According to a press release, these cards support money withdrawal from ATMs worldwide and can be used as standard debit cards. A Bit-x debit card can be funded directly from its owner’s Bit-x wallet supporting BTC, LTC, USD, EUR and GBP. Customers can use Bit-x debit cards for online shopping or at point of sale terminals around the world. 

To order a card customers are required to create an account on Bit-x.com. Debit cards can then be shipped to any country in the world. With DHL as a delivery option customers will be able to receive their bitcoin debit cards within a few business days. 

The card does not require mandatory verification unless users wish to deposit sums exceeding 300 USD in cryptocurrency or dollar, euro and British pound.  

To address the bitcoin price volatility, Bit-x offers instant cryptocurrency exchange at the transaction time using the current market exchange rate.

The company also offers 0% fees on all trades for all Bit-x users until 1 September.

Bit-X is a licensed cryptocurrency exchange and mining trading platform. 

This is not the first bitcoin debit card designed by Bit-x. As CoinFox reported earlier, in May 2015 the company introduced MasterCard denominated in bitcoin. In July 2015, CCEDK, a Denmark-based online bitcoin exchange in cooperation with Bit-x platform introduced Bitcoin Nanocard, which provides users with high-end experience.


Daria Petushkova