Coin Center, a non-profit educational and research organisation for promoting digital currency, has launched a new website this month.

In his blog post, the organisation’s executive director Jerry Brito revealed that its mission will be to serve as a reliable source of information about bitcoin for policymakers.

Brito's organisation has stepped into the bitcoin lobby space cleared after the suspension of educational activities by the Bitcoin Foundation. Another major DC-based bitcoin advocacy group, the Chamber of Digital Commerce, which is led by former Forbes columnist Perianne Boring, is speaking about digital currency to legislators at the US Treasury's roundtable on January 13.

The Chamber has been collecting data from the community in order to prepare comments for the roundtable discussion. Another consultation period, this time organised by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors, is currently in progress with a deadline of February 16th, 2015.

The Coin Center website includes an online request form, which invites legislators to send in their questions on regulatory implications to the Coin Center experts. The team consists of investors, researchers, and software engineers, including VC investor Marc Andreessen, angel investor Alex Morcos, Stanford academic Susan Athey, bitcoin core developer Jeff Garzik, Andreessen Horowitz general partner Balaji Srinivasan, New York Law School professor Houman Shadab, and founder of Elizabeth Stark.

Coin Center plans to store comments and testimonies on licensing projects as well as general background information on cryptocurrency-related issues and analytic pieces about bitcoin in media.