Jack Nikogosian, a 24-year old bitcoin enthusiast from Copenhagen, decided to make all his purchases in cryptocurrencies for an entire month. The task is not easy, but he gets by with a little help from his friends and Armenian mother.

 The Coinify employee started his bitcoin marathon on March 1st. Jack stated his mission on the Coinify blog:

““This March, I will volunteer to become a subject of a month-long experiment, where I will have to survive on bitcoin only and still carry on with my everyday life. I promise to find a way to show up at work, not to starve to death, and to manage to have fun as well. I consider this as my part in the bitcoin adoption for the Bitcoin community out there.””

The enthusiast is publishing his experiences daily on his Twitter account, “@cryptojack”. Jack is also accepting bitcoin donations.

In the beginning, the experiment looked easy. Jack asked his friends and colleagues to take him to his workplace and (what is more important) cooked his food there. On the fifth day of the experiment, he started to look for bitcoin businesses in Copenhagen:

The first task was to find somewhere where he could eat every day. He found the “Paleio” restaurant in the centre of the city. At the restaurant, he had to show to the cashier how digital currency works

The next day, he tried to use the Hungry.dk service. Jack found out that the service had disabled the bitcoin payment option during the weekend. At that moment, the bitcoin enthusiast was saved by his mother, who brought in some tasty Armenian food.

During the second week, Mark found another problem: transport. He could not use public buses and trains and he could not pay for tickets in bitcoins. The young man had to use his old bike. Add this to the absence of greasy food, and this helped him to lose weight:

At present, Jack Nikogosian is continuing his bitcoin marathon. Buying food for bitcoins becomes more and more problematic, but Jack does not lose his faith.

This is not the first attempt to live a normal life using only bitcoins. Last year, Catherine Bleisch and John Bush from Texas traveled all the way to New Hampshire with their kids using only bitcoin. The couple said that this trip demanded a lot of planning. They used gift cards at petrol stations and shops, but, despite all their efforts, in one single case they had to use US dollars to pay for a hotel room. Jack Nikogosian hopes to avoid paying with Danish kroner this month, but it is not clear whether he will manage to do this or not.