The starting price is 30 bitcoins. The video, made in 1992, allegedly shows the future president of Russia, his wife and daughters, and his former patron, Anatoly Sobchak,with his family., an internet auction platform that bills itself as "the first international exchange of information", has announced an auction for an unpublished home video supposedly featuring Vladimir Putin, the future president of Russia, his wife Lyudmila, his daughters Mariya and Yekaterina as well as Anatoly Sobchak, his wife and daugher Kseniya, their bodyguards and drivers. The website claims that the video was filmed in May 1992 in Finland where Sobchak - then the major of St. Petersburg - came with his deputy Putin at the invitation of a private company.

The 12-minute-long video shows them engaged in friendly conversations, fishing, playing sports, and dining.

The editorial office of the portal claims to have conducted some preliminary research on the material and gave it a final rating of 4.25 points (the uniqueness, social significance, and wider geographical significance of the material received 5 points, while the damage to the reputation of the people depicted – just 2 points)
The starting price of the video was set at 30 bitcoins. The auction will take place until the end of January. In order to bypass the waiting period, buyers would have to pay 2,000 bitcoins. Currently, the ‘best deal’ (top bid) is 130 bitcoins.

The winner of the auction will receive a digital copy of the video as well as the original VHS tape.