The most famous anti-virus software tycoon believes humanity must be unified to use bitcoins. Today’s governments would ban cryptocurrency as soon as it becomes strong enough to compete with national currencies.

Evgeny Kaspersky spoke on cryptocurrencies during the Kaspersky Digital Radio press conference where he met such figures as Lev Khasis, Deputy Chairman of the largest Russian bank Sberbank, or Denny Perekalsky, the head of, the first Russian online retailer.

He expressed his belief that cryptocurrencies were “the most ingenious invention” and it could work fairly well “if there was just one government and a single united society.” He also added “this is the future”, indicating that one day such unity would be achieved. However, according to Kaspersky, the world is not yet “geopolitically” ready to accept cryptocurrencies. He said:

“I am more than sure that different countries will one after another prohibit the use of cryptocurrencies because this money cannot be controlled. As long as they do not pose any problems, governments would ignore them. But once they start to supplant national currencies, they will be immediately banned.”

Evgeny Kaspersky is the founder and owner of Kaspersky Lab, an international software security group present in nearly 200 countries. It produces anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall applications.  In April Kaspersky Lab offered a solution against the popular ransomware virus CoinVault.


Alexey Tereshchenko