11 January 2016 12:52

Bitcoin could easily be involved in the hacker DDoS attack on 400,000 Turkish websites, Dave Palmer, former British intelligence GCHQ and MI5 cybersecurity expert, told The Telegraph.

08 January 2016 18:52

German Klimenko was appointed Advisor on the Internet to the President of Russia on 4 January. In his first interview for the Russian media he expressed a positive view on the new internet technologies and their integration with the country’s economics and financial system.

31 December 2015 09:58

John McAfee, who recently announced his candidacy for the US presidential election in 2016, said in an interview that digital currency will be massively adopted but he is not sure if it will be bitcoin. 

30 December 2015 03:05

Ted Rogers, President of Xapo, the first company in the world to issue bitcoin debit card, thinks the participation of the major card networks is necessary to propagate the use of bitcoin.