13 June 2018 07:09

Miguel Caballero, CEO of educational blockchain platform Tutellus, tells what problems online education faces and how the blockchain techology may help to resolve them.

29 May 2018 08:06

We discussed with Vladislav Kuznetsov, CEO of Streamity, the development of decentralized payment systems.

29 March 2018 06:19

CoinFox: In the WP you write, that such project as Eligma was your greatest dream for about 10 years. What inspired you to start making this dream real at the middle of 2017?

07 December 2017 18:34

CoinFox continues to interview the prominent people in the field of cryptoeconomy. This time, we are speaking with Sergey Sergienko, the founder of Chronobank, the first project that converts man-hours into currency value.