BitFury group began to collect bitcoin donations for the victims of Tbilisi floods. We turned to the company to find more about first results of the marathon, personal involvement and distribution of donations

CoinFox: Are you satisfied with the preliminary results of the bitcoin donations marathon?

BitFury: We have just started, but we are very much satisfied with the results and are very grateful forthe support of the bitcoin community.

CoinFox: How do you plan to distribute the donations? Will you transfer bitcoins into Georgian Lari and send it to a dedicated fund? Or do you plan to organize centralized procurement of necessary goods?

BitFury: We will donate a portion to municipality and another part to Tbilisi dog shelter that was heavily damaged from the floods. Everything will be transparent and public, of course.

CoinFox: Do BitFury Group employees participate in the voluntary work in Vere district of Tbilisi?

BitFury: Yes, many of our employees have

CoinFox: In the early June, BitFury Group bought a piece of land in Gldani district to build a new data center. Do I understand correctly that the flood damaged Vere district on the other side of Mtkvari and did not affect the Technology park territories in Gldani?

BitFury: Gldani is situated on a hill and far away from the floods, so the park was not affected.

A disastrous flood hit Tbilisi last Sunday. Heavy rain in the neighbouring mountains caused flash flooding on the river Vere that flows into the Mtkvari (Kura) river and through the capital of Georgia. As on 19 of June, the flood took lives of 19 people, 6 remain unaccountable.

The water destroyed houses and swept away cars that were parked along the river Vere. People ran for their life from the river valley. Helicopters rescued dozens of Georgians who used stairs to reach roof tops. 

A sudden tide destroyed enclosures in the local zoo, killing 5 workers and setting many animals free. Hippos, bears and one lion now are on the loose on Tbilisi streets. Police officers had to keep the tiger from the zoo after the animal killed the local inhabitant. Penguin from the zoo was so frightened that he swam 60 kilometres down Mtkvari river and nearly crossed the border between Georgia and neighboring Azerbaijan.

Soldiers and volunteers have joined efforts to clear the debris and to seize animals that are still roaming the streets. They are also searching for the missing people. Local authorities have asked residents to stay at home. Thousands of people work with spades and brooms to clean the debris.