29 July 2016 16:58

The number of companies across the world receiving cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services grows every year, and so does the demand for payment processors. CoinFox picks up 5 promising regional platforms.

29 July 2016 15:18

Ukraine’s economy and banking system are showing signs of steady recovery over the past year. The stabilisation may create a favourable climate for implementing the blockchain technology.

28 July 2016 14:42

The demand for ethers is rocketing, as the hard fork giving life to Ethereum Classic fuelled the interest to both versions of the cryptocurrency. CoinFox has chosen 5 best crypto exchanges trading ether-bitcoin pair.

23 July 2016 10:47

The blockchain social media Steemit was hacked on 14 July. Its cryptocurrency, however, rallies reaching one of its highest levels just after the attack. CoinFox tries to figure out, why.