Jincor, blockchain-ecosystem for business interactions announces the start of pre-ICO campaign, in order to raise funds for further development of the platform and scaling of its services globally.

Platform Jincor, which is undergoing the stage of beta-testing, will provide an opportunity for organizations to perform payments in cryptocurrencies and settle smart-contracts without specific technical knowledge.

The blockchain-ecosystem will encompass such functional abilities as insurance of cryptocurrency accounts, hedging risks, decentralized arbitration to address blockchain disputes, banking instruments for cryptoassets (derivatives, escrow, encashment and other), digital IDs and encrypted messenger.    

In future perspective, the ecosystem will become a base for digital jurisdiction, where participants will enjoy all the advantages of blockchain technology on the level of b2b interactions.

In the process of pre-ICO, investors are welcome to buy JCR tokens with 50% discount from the value, which they will represent at the stage of ICO. Technically, the pre-ICO campaign is tailored for one month period, but considering the statistics of the canvas, allegedly, the campaign will be closed in couple of days.

The basic functionality of Jincor ecosystem will be accessible for free, but the specific financial instruments, such as derivatives, escrow, letters of credit, overdrafts, factoring, as well as an option of arbitration and opening of enterprise cryptocurrency accounts, will be available to the participants for JCR tokens - customized cryptocurrency of the platform.


Pre-ICO will be started on the 21 st of August, at 12:00 AM (GMT +3). In the course of the campaign, Jincor project is aiming to raise $ 350,000.


ICO of JCR tokens will be open on the 1st of November.