The bitcoin-friendly online gold exchange Amagi Metals has announced that it will pay a portion of salary to its entire staff in Bitcoins. CEO Stephen Macaskill will accept $40,000 of his yearly salary in digital currency.

The company announced its decision in a press release posted on the corporate website. Stephen Macaskill chose BitWage as an intermediary for the payments, which will allow employees to receive part of their salary in bitcoins.

“I’m really excited about taking Amagi to the next level in bitcoin adoption. When we first started accepting Bitcoin more than two years ago, I saw it as a large experiment in monetary innovation. Now I see Bitcoin as the future, so I’m going to put my money where my mouth is, and I’m thrilled to have a team that thinks the same way. The integration of Bitwage into our operations is a step to ensure our company’s divorce from the U.S. Dollar in 2017”, says Macaskill in the press-release.

Amagi Metals says that its employees have voluntarily opted for the decision to receive their money in bitcoin and not in cash.

BitWage is an American company that helps different firms to use the “bitcoin salary” option for their employees. According to its website, Bitwage receives money from the employer and converts it into bitcoins, which is then transferred to the employee’s personal account. The mission of the company is to increase participation in the bitcoin world. As on November 2014, its services were available in all 50 states of the USA.

Amagi Metals is famous for its early bitcoin adoption and deep bitcoin enthusiasm. The company plans to reject US dollars and became the first bitcoin-only gold exchange by as early as 2017.