Crypto’s index investing is the future. Instead of investing all the savings to a single altcoin or making a personal portfolio, it’s enough to buy an index token, and the funds will be distributed among 20 cryptocurrencies automatically. This is the approach that Blockchain Capital suggests. Let’s pay attention to the company’s actual results. Blockchain Capital is a young project but it already has great progress.

Discovering the dynamics of the cost of Blockchain Capital’s token

Official site shows you a graph with the dynamics of value changes of WBT index token. At the moment this article was finished, its cost was $ 0.28 (0.00133 ETH).

Maximum cost was over $ 0.8. The current fall should not confuse you, because this is related to the overall crypto market’s rollback. The cost of the token is tied to a top-20 of cryptocurrencies. Now let’s consider how the capitalization of the crypto market changes during the same time.

As you can see, there is a correlation between the graphs and this fact is directly related to the amount of funds those are in crypto. Investments declined slightly, сryptocurrency rate followed down. WBT cost is calculated based on the rates of the portfolio of coins, and this leads to the curve shapes of token value.

Today a lot of countries works to legislate crypto. US: SEC decides the future of requests for ETF creation, those will be linked to cryptocurrencies. These are key issues that slows down the great money arrival to this market.

Blockchain Capital does not guarantee a 100% increase of WBT value. The result depends on the state of the crypto market as a whole. If the coins grow, the cost of the Wealth Builder Token will increase. The advantage of the index token is to diversify risks, reduce the time spent on building a portfolio, buying a crypto etc. The strategy issues are already solved for you.

In addition to WBT, you can also invest in Blockchain Capital Token (BCT - investment token). Since its foundation, its value has approximately doubled. Now you can buy it for 2.1, and at the start of sales it cost about a dollar. After listing, its value may increase up to $50-100.

Annual investment growth exceeded 77%, more than 2,000 people from 30 countries invested in Blockchain Capital.

What currencies are in portfolio

Special smart contracts distribute funds among the most popular cryptocurrencies. There is a detailed description about all projects at the company’s website.

We want you to present only 5 coins with the largest share:

  • Ethereum (ETH) - 20.12%;
  • Ripple (XRP) - 13.13%;
  • Bitcoin (BTC) - 9.01%;
  • Stellar (XLM) - 8.71%;
  • Litecoin (LTC) - 7.73%

58.7% of the total invested funds are refer to these cryptocurrencies. They are stable and proved.

There’s a lot of young and promising coins in the portfolio. Not so many funds were invested there, but the great grow is expected in the future. (remember the situation with Ethereum in 2017).

Investment programs

There are 3 options for investing in a crypto with Blockchain Capital:

  • Wealth Builder tariff plan: token purchase by installments. The total payment is divided to 15 installments;
  • Flex: conditions are the same with Wealth Builder, but the only one payment is expected;
  • Blockchain Capital Token: interaction with the investment token.

The first 2 plans are about investments with 13% commission from only the first 5 purchases. The cost of WBT does not depend on whether you chose the option to pay in installments or paid their cost in one payment.

The third option is to invest to investment token without any commissions. There are no restrictions on the number of purchases and their frequency.


Despite the fact that Blockchain Capital exists around one year, the company has already managed to achieve quite good results. Only by investing in investment tokens it was possible to double the investments during the first year.

The portfolio is made up adequately, there is no bias towards one of the coins, so the risks are balanced. Due to the opportunity to purchase WBT by installments without their appreciation, the start is simplified as much as possible. Literally everyone can become a crypto investor with Blockchain Capital.

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