The government has written to welcome the event to ‘one of the safest countries in the world’

Two key summits will be held this May in the emirate of Dubai. AIBC, an expo dedicated to emerging tech such as blockchain, crypto, AI, and Quantum Tech, and AGS, a digital marketing event for affiliates, SEO gurus, and content marketers will be the company’s first events to be held outside of Malta - marking an auspicious launch for its global ambitions.

Eman Pulis, Group Founder, said: “Our efforts, in the midst of a pandemic, paid off. The UAE is at the forefront in embracing blockchain technology. Dubai’s friendly people, blockchain and financial ecosystem, tourist attractions and connectivity make it an ideal host city for our events.

"I can’t wait for some riveting discussions on stage and to witness deals worth millions between exhibitors and delegates come May 25th."

The summits, which have received official sponsorship and strong support from the Dubai government, takes place on the 25th-26th May 2021 and are both set to attract a 3000-strong crowd. The expo will bring together key brands and individuals from the industry, making this an ideal meeting point for Europe and Asia to come together.

Key figures on the AIBC conference stage include Dr. Marwan Alzarouni, CEO of the Dubai Blockchain Centre, Roger Ver, Founder of, Brock Pierce, Member Board of Directors for SRAX and former US Presidential candidate, Prof. Scott Stornetta - widely known as the founding father of blockchain, Justin Sun, founder of TRON, Loretta Joseph, a consultant for The Financial Services Commission (Mauritius), and Steve Chao, Founder and CEO of Turing Industries, and previous cover story for AIBC’s key publication - BLOCK magazine.

The agenda for the event has been created alongside several tech experts, and will feature a series of panels and keynotes including regulatory updates focussed on the Middle Eastern region, the rise of digital currencies, the trends shaping 2021, such as NFTs, the future of digital banking, and AI solutions for trading platforms.

The AGS conference boasts a leading lineup of key speakers, such as Yancy Naughton, Founder of HasTraffic, Michelle Held, Owner and CEO of MetroNY, Matthew Shlomo Mintz, a senior affiliate manager at Really Successful, Dennis Yu, CEO at BlitzMetrics, Benjamin Truman, COO at Media Troopers, and Alessandro Valente, Co-Founder of Super Afiliados.

On the agenda are topics focussing on digital marketing trends, emerging markets, the impacts of content on culture and commerce, building an effective SEO strategy, localisation and translation, branding, influencer strategy, video marketing and social media in 2021.

The luxury, progressive emirate is fast becoming a major hub for large-scale events - with vaccination roll-outs moving fast, and connections to all major tech hubs in the industry.

In an official letter, the government spoke of their delight that the summits had chosen Dubai as host city for the super show, saying that Dubai was ‘located within one of the safest countries in the world and with unrivalled connectivity to all corners of the globe.’

They went on to say that Dubai was an ideal destination for the events, and that it was a location where ‘you will find all the infrastructure, expertise, and support your organisation requires’.

Dubai Business Events - the Official Convention Bureau, and a division of Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing, which offers a wide array of free-of-charge services, including professional guidance and advice when planning an event, will support the show,  promoting the summit in Dubai, facilitating connections, and performing a traditional Ayala welcome performance at the summit opening. It will also issue Dubai visitor guides and city maps for all delegates.

Visit the website for more information on the show, our Covid-19 policy, or to plan your trip. In addition to a number of options, gain 50% off any ticket purchase for AIBC Dubai by using the code: aibc50dubai and 50% of tickets to AGS using the code: ags50dubai.