The number of bitcoin operations is constantly growing. The past year saw 45.5% of all bitcoin operations in history.

Data published by the website shows a breakdown of all bitcoin transactions ever made by year. It reflects the astonishing speed with which bitcoin has gained ground since it was first introduced in 2009. This is confirmed by data from showing the number of bitcoin transactions per day, which provides an interesting point of comparison.
Before 2010, the number of bitcoin transactions never reached 200 per day, and during 2010 it seldom exceeded 1,000 per day. Accordingly, 2009 barely registers on the chart on, whereas just 0.3% of all bitcoin transactions took place in 2010.
The situation changed in 2011, when the number of bitcoin transactions per day started to measure in thousands, peaking at 12,602. The year 2011 accounts for 3.4 % of all bitcoin transactions in history – ten times more than in 2010. 2012 saw further growth of bitcoin in popularity. Up to 52,000 bitcoin transactions could be registered per day and an impressive 15.2% of all bitcoin operations took place.
Still, bitcoin was never as popular as in the years 2013 and 2014. The number of transactions per day rarely went below 40,000 and occasionally exceeded 100,000. Concurrently, the pie chart on shows that 35.4% of all the bitcoin operations took place in 2013, while the share of 2014 came to 45.5%.

It is to expect that the year 2015 will see the further increase in the use of the Bitcoin.