The price of bitcoin has rebounded in the morning of January 15th. According to Coindesk, around 10:00 GMT one unit of the digital currency cost around $210, growing by 21%. It was still rising at 10:50 GMT was still rising.

The ItBit exchange became the leader in the sudden jump in price. On this exchange, the price of bitcoin at 10:50 GMT was close to $217.

The gains made by bitcoin have wiped out some of the losses from the “black Wednesday” of January 14th. On that day, the price of the digital currency fell below the psychologically important mark of $200 and bottomed out below $170. Despite the sudden slump, industry leaders remained calm.

“Seems like the only people I know in a frenzy about the bitcoin price are the reporters. my 40+ companies continue hiring, building and innovating”- wrote SecondMarket CEO Barry Silbert on his Twitter.

Coinfox CTO Nikolai Kolesnikov said that the current drop of the price will not affect the development of bitcoin as a technology: “The most important thing is the technology.One can use Ripple or Colored Coins without worrying about what the price of digital currency is. Some banks have already started to experiment with this technology”, noted Kolesnikov yesterday