A 150-year-old church in England is put up for sale for $1.5 million. It could be nothing remarkable but the seller wants to be paid in bitcoins.

The ad about the church being sold for bitcoins in England was found on Rightmove, a popular UK online property portal. The 18th-century church converted into a seven-bedroom house was valued at £1.2 million ($1.5 million). The final price is negotiated with the vendor depending on the market price of bitcoin at the time of sale. At the time of publication, the property was valued at 182.34 BTC.

It is believed that the UK is quite loyal to cryptocurrency payments. The first house sold in Britain for bitcoins was a house in Essex. The deal was signed in December 2017. The home was part of a new development outside of Colchester and was originally priced at £375,000 or 82.55 bitcoins.

Lev Loginov, co-founder of property investment company London Wall, which tried to sell a mansion in London for $23.9 million in bitcoins (approximately 4000 BTC) in 2017, said:

“In 10 years from now cryptocurrencies will take over. It will be in wide use just like debit cards and credit cards.”

In April 2019, the UK's largest travel company Corporate Traveler began accepting payments in bitcoins, saying that it was not worried about the volatility of bitcoin prices, since cryptocurrency was immediately converted to British pounds when paid.