11 global technology companies, whose capitalization is estimated at more than $1 billion, are profiled in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, Chinese researchers calculated.

Hurun, a Chinese research institute, published the first list of global IT companies that were founded after 2000 and whose capitalization exceeded $1 billion, while they have not been listed on any public exchange. Hurun discovered 494 such unicorns registered in 24 countries. Their total capitalization is estimated at $1.7 trillion.

Most companies come from the USA and China. These two countries account for more than 80% of unicorns discovered. 206 such companies originate from China, while the USA are homeland to 203 unicorns. India is the third largest country with young IT-unicorns (21), while the UK follows it with 13 unicorns.

Such areas as e-commerce, fintech and cloud technology appeared to be the most fertile ground for unicorns. The blockchain industry gave birth to 11 unicorns. In total, blockchain unicorns account for 2% of the total cost of 494 unicorns from the Hurun list.

The blockchain unicorn mentioned in the list are Bitmain (capitalization $12 billion), Coinbase ($8 billion), Ripple ($5 billion), Canaan ($3 billion), Circle ($3 billion), Binance ($2 billion), Block.One ($2 billion), Dfinity ($2 billion), Ebang ($1.5 billion), BitFury ($1 billion), Liquid ($1 billion).