Those who have been following the development of the cryptocurrency industry for several years remember very well that in 2017-2018 in Russia, and throughout the world, all kinds of cryptocurrency start-ups developed at a fairly rapid pace, raising funds through ICO.

It was at that time, at the peak of the euphoria of the previous parabolic growth of the crypto market, at the end of 2017, that one of the well-known projects in this field, the NWA Fund was founded. Investors were bribed by a unique investment management model, which consisted of allocating funds to 4 parts and investing them in:

  • Bitcoin
  • Altcoins
  • Trading
  • Various ICOs

Everything was done in the best traditions: colorful booklets, titled traders in the lists of company employees, luxurious parties along with a lot of aggressive marketing. This scheme is as old as the world, but, unfortunately, or fortunately, it is still quite effective, because impressed people put their savings there waiting for easy money. After a short period of time, faithful NWA Fund ambassadors began to appear in all corners of Russia, promising investors fabulous profits.
Human nature is such that sometimes we ignore the voice of reason, which calls to change our minds - we dive down into the hole that seemed to be the Garden of Eden. But life is life, and intoxicating euphoria is always followed by a painful hangover. In the case of the NWA Fund, it happened in August 2018, when a daring robbery occurred: the co-founder of the fund took the advantage of a breach in the blockchain code and withdrew more than 1,000 BTC (about $7 million at that rate) to an unknown wallet and disappeared.

Other employees of the fund restrained the flow of indignation and discontent from investors for 3-4 months. At that time, the management of the NWA Fund decided to start trading, which required huge investments but did not bring any profit. In August 2018, the Bitcoin exchange rate began to drop from $8,000 to $6,000, which put the last nail in the NWA Fund`s coffin. Subsequently, the company began to quite rapidly reduce its staff and to cut its budgets in every possible way.

The Year of 2018 ended on such a rather sad note. The head office of the NWA fund in Moscow City caused anxious news. The bold, young and pretty founder told close people that everything would be fine very soon. She was pregnant with her third child, and once the child was born, things were supposed to go really well.

Things became clear for many investors - since the story took place in Russia, many of them were sure they would never see their money again. But an interesting fact has appeared relatively recently - it turned out that one of the investors has a passport of the United States of America, which completely changes the rules of the game. The fact is that US citizens are protected by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which can handle financial fraudsters.

As practice shows, far-sighted scammers prefer to negotiate with the lawyers of the affected party and not bring the case to court. Otherwise, it will be a real catastrophe - the FBI, all private armies and special services, as well as the authorities of 170 countries around the world, begin to search for suspects. They are interested in this because once the fraudsters are caught, they will receive some compensation from the US government, the size of which depends on the gravity of the offense.

The numbers don't lie, they show that 99 out of 100 financial speculators sooner or later find themselves in jail. Moreover, US law is written in such a way that murderers, rapists, and other especially dangerous criminals receive a much lesser punishment than financial fraudsters. As a rule, they get from 30 years to 3-6 life sentences without the right to appeal. In this case, neither a big name, nor big money, nor the defense of countries that don't work with the USA, which, by the way, are only 6 in the world, can help.

And now the most important part, which is addressed to the organizers of the “amazing project” NWA Fund. The American company Crypto Alba Trust, which investigates fraudulent cryptocurrency transactions and has a large staff of US-Israeli lawyers and private detectives, has launched an investigation into the case. These guys coped with more than a dozen cases, and the company is engaged in the most scandalous cases on Wall Street. We are talking about a class-action lawsuit, initiated by 24 people (this list will be updated), including a US citizen, through whom the case falls under the jurisdiction of the SEC. 

If you become a victim of fraudulent transactions related to ICO, IEO, ISO or cryptocurrencies, go here: @cryptoalbatrust If you are one of the victims of NWA Found, you can fill in the form: