The North Caucasian division of the Russian energy company announced it revealed another mining farm that was illegally connected to the power supply.

The security department of Russian energy company Rosseti together with law enforcement in Russian North Caucasian region of Dagestan revealed another fact of theft of electricity by a mining farm, the holding's press service reported. The farm was located in a container on the territory of a former cannery in the village of Chontaul, Kizilyurt District.

Rosseti estimates the damage caused by illegal use of electricity at 1.3 million rubles ($20 000). The mining farm illegally consumed about 307,930 kWh of electricity. As a comparison, Rosseti explains that this amount of electricity would be enough for an average Dagestan school for 2.5 years.

“In the area of ​​activity of the Rosseti holding, most violations of the electricity consumption were revealed in Dagestan. This is the third case of mining theft in the last 2 months."

In early August, the North Caucasian division of Rosseti announced that it had revealed a mining farm in the village of Kafir-Kumuzh, Buinaksky district of Dagestan, which caused damage to the energy company in the amount of over 1.7 million rubles ($30 000). The intruder attached a metal magnet to the meter, which suspended its operation and changed the actual volumes of consumed electricity downward. Then Rosseti noted that since May 2019, the company's specialists discovered 17 illegal farms in the republic. The total economic damage due to mining theft in the North Caucasus Federal District from May last year to July this year exceeded 200 million rubles.