Sheesha Finance is a universal cross-chain DEX platform that aims to solve one of the most important problems of the lack of transparency in DeFi.

The project was launched last year by a team of professional developers, investors, analysts, and crypto enthusiasts. Today, the main players are the founder of Galaxy Digital and the CEO David Namdar, StakeHound CEO Albert Castellana, serial investor Hartey Souni, Transform Group CEO, and cryptocurrency investor Michael Turpin, CasperLabs advisor and Chain Adoption co-founder Alexander Antropov, and many others. Sheesha Finance is among the top 10 most promising decentralized launchpads and offers unique opportunities for both crypto projects and investors: institutional and retail.

Unique technologies that open up new opportunities

The Sheesha Finance platform allows users to receive benefits from both ecosystems, the choice is left to the user. In the future, the company plans to launch separate versions of the project on the Polkadot and Casper blockchains, if such a decision is made by the DAO community. Users can place liquidity in pools to receive rewards in Sheesha tokens, as well as in partner project tokens, using BNB and ETH tokens, as well as the internal SHEESHA token, which has two formats: ERC-20 for the Ethereum blockchain and BEP20 for the BSC blockchain.

The business model of the project is built taking into account the current trends in the market and allows users to earn money on the farming of liquidity. In other words, users invest in the project, receiving various bonuses from partner projects. In this case, users receive a return in the form of SHEESHA tokens, as well as partner bonuses. This win-win model is ideal for the "overheated" market, which is in search of new promising crypto projects.

How to make money for an investor:

provide funds to the liquidity pool and receive passive income in the form of commissions from the use of funds;

take part in the staking program and receive a commission;

participants who have provided liquidity to their assets to Sheesha Finance will also be able to receive tokens of projects that will cooperate with the platform, as well as Sheesha tokens, worth $986.67

What are the benefits for DeFi startups?

At the heart of attracting liquidity, Sheesha Finance has developed its scheme for the initial distribution of tokens using the LGE (Liquidity Generation Events) mechanism, which allows you to stake ETH and BNB tokens, receiving in return an internal project token — SHEESHA. Thanks to this approach, the project managed to attract over $9.44 million of investment. The funds received will be provided in the form of liquidity to other DeFi startups that will become partners of Sheesha Finance.

Now the platform will act as a collective liquidity provider for other projects, which provides liquidity for a while, receiving in return profits from trading commissions on exchanges and the farming of startup tokens, then sharing them among its participants.


Sheesha Finance is a project with a unique business model that allows you to quickly and efficiently earn money on the farming of liquidity. The use of the LGE mechanism made it possible to raise over $9 million in the first month, which will be used to temporarily provide liquidity to DeFi projects. Investing in Sheesha Finance will allow professional investors and beginners to quickly recoup their investments and see the long-awaited x's on the account.