New York Mayor-elect Eric Adams intends to transform the city into the world's cryptocurrency capital. He said that he will receive a salary in bitcoins.

Democrat Eric Adams, New York's new mayor, revealed his big plans to turn New York into a global crypto hub.

New York will become the center of the cryptocurrency industry, Adams tweeted.


So far, in the fight against Miami for the title of the US crypto-capital, New York is far for leading positions. In February, the Mayor of Miami announced that Miami could soon begin accepting tax payments in bitcoins and allow employees to receive their salaries in cryptocurrency. Suarez's proactive stance attracted many crypto enthusiasts to Miami. Dozens of conferences on cryptocurrencies and mining were held in Miami, the headquarters of blockchain startups moved to Miami.

Apparently, the new mayor of New York does not intend to put up with Miami's clear leadership in the cryptocurrency scene. On November 2, Suarez tweeted that he will receive his next salary in bitcoins. In the thread to this tweet, Eric Adams appeared. He stated that New Yorkers always play for high stakes and that he will receive "the first THREE salaries" in bitcoins.