A “magical market from the future” awaits the citizens of Stockholm and their children if they come to a bitcoin festival, organizers claim.


The Bitcoin Fun Fair, scheduled for February 14th-15th in Stockholm, aims to show the population of the Swedish capital that bitcoin is fun. It promises “dazzling colors, delicious food, interesting products, enchanting music and entertainment” – and, as a cherry on top of the cake, the chance “to try out the new and innovative currency”.  

Visitors are invited to bring their children with them. They will be looked after by Kids Hack Day, a group that organizes games that increase awareness of modern technologies. At the Bitcoin Fun Fair, the children will also be able to play with bitcoin, swapping or selling and buying whatever they bring with them.

The event’s visitors are asked to exchange at least 100 SEK ($12) to bitcoin. They can choose to spend them or to save them but they should at least be able to do their shopping on the day.

The event  is organized by the communication agency The Forumist and Bitcenter.