GuestLogix, a global provider of onboard payment technology to over 80 travel operators, has announced the adoption of bitcoin on its retail platform.


GuestLogix has started implementing bitcoin wallets on its Transaction Processing Engine® (TPE) that supports ancillary revenue generation of nearly $1 billion per year across 144 countries. The technology will allow passengers to pay in bitcoin onboard aircraft and at other points throughout the travel journey. TPE is available on GuestLogix’ handheld POS terminals and mobile POS devices.

Passengers will be able to pay for their purchaes in bitcoin offline through GuestLogix POS terminals onboard an aircraft, using bitcoin wallets on their mobile devices. The payments will be processed and accepted later, when an internet connection becomes available.

GuestLogix have also introduced an option for travel operators and airlines to show prices for their products in bitcoin. They will be able to choose whether to accept payments in bitcoin to their own bitcoin addresses or in fiat currency after immediate conversion.

“As ancillary products and services continue to be a vital business component at virtually every touch point where travel operators connect with their passengers, and with an ever growing population of travellers carrying smartphones and holding virtual currencies, there is a need to ensure those travellers can use Bitcoin currency consistently as a form of payment within each access point,” said Brett Proud, President & CEO of GuestLogix.

GuestLogix’ headquarters is based in Toronto, with regional head offices located in Dallas, London and Hong Kong. The company provides payments to operators directly and through partnerships with catering, duty-free, inflight entertainment and self-service retail companies.

Bitcoin continues its expansion in the travel industry. Last month, CoinFox reported on Universal Air Travel Plan, Inc.’s integration of bitcoin to allow more than 260 international airlines to accept bitcoin payments. The “Bitcoins for Miles” project, launched this February, makes it possible to buy airline bonus miles for bitcoins.  The price of one bonus mile varies from 0.005 to 1.7 bitcoin cents.