Virtual debit card and multi-signature wallet E-Coin has launched an online funding campaign, securing $66,178 nineteen days before the call for investment is closed.

The main goal of the E-Coin project is to bridge fiat currencies with electronic ones by implementing bitcoin digital currency into what looks like an 'ordinary' debit card and can be used for 'ordinary' shopping.

The online funding campaign aims at increasing E-Coin's working capital, for its creators believe they are about to see "an unprecedented growth in the transaction volume". They are also developing a mobile app, which might call for some additional investments as well.

Launched in 2014, E-Coin has already released about 10,000 debit cards, both virtual and plastic, their monthly volume being $1 million. The cards allow users to spend bitcoin even at the websites which are still yet to accept digital currency, immediately converting it to any of the three fiat currencies — US dollar, Euro or UK pound. Money withdrawal and upload are also available for E-Coin users.

“Our card is accepted by over 30 million merchants and can be used at over 25 million ATMs worldwide; so, it allows you to spend your Bitcoins virtually anywhere and hassle free,” says the official web-site.

The online funding campaign is hosted by BnkToTheFuture investment platform, along with Bitcoin Group SPV and a number of other initiatives related to digital finance.

Maria Rudina