Holberton School, a San Francisco-based school for software engineering, joins efforts with Bitproof to deliver its certificates through bitcoin blockchain. This step will help to simplify verification process for employers and to filter out fake certificates and false resumes.

Holberton School claims that its academic certificates will be 100% fake proof, for every Diploma is going to have its unique Digital Diploma Number. The number can be quoted in a CV for potential employers to check the certificate within seconds. Verification can be done via any meta-blockchain explorer.

“Every Holberton digital certificate will be issued in a secure environment, 256 bits encrypted private key and 2 factor authentication to access the interface that will generate, sign and insert the certificate into the Bitcoin blockchain, making the certificate’s content sealed and tamper-proof,” the School's website reads.

Bitproof is a blockchain notary which delivers cryptographic timestamped proofs protected by hashes and asymmetric encryption. The start-up is a part of Boost VC, California-based bitcoin focused incubator, and is run by an 18-year-old developer Louison Dumont who works in Silicon Valley since the age of 17.


Maria Rudina